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Infrastructure Works: Mina Al Arab

Contractor: Eagle Electromechanical co. L.L.C.
Client: RAK Properties
Consultant: Halcrow
Completion Year: October 2009

Mina Al Arab Infrastructure Work

Scope of work:
Eagle Electromechanical co. L.L.C. RAK Properties
October 2009
57KM llKV cable, 17KM medium voltage cable, 4.5KM LV cable, 19 substations equipment consisits of 19 nos. RMU units, 15 nos. l,ooo KVA transformers, 3 nos. 1,500 KVA transformers. Under bridge decorative light for the 2 nos. bridges.

lno. fire/irrigation pumping station consists of 2 nos. 2,oooGMPfire pupms, 3 nos. 1,500 GPM electric motor driven irrigation pumps 8..1 no. l,oooGPM electric fire pump 8..2 nos.jockey pumps.

17 nos. LV Panel&..126 nos. feeder pillar for distribution of power to the entire network. 8 nos. sewage pumping stations for collection&.. delivary of sewage to the STP.

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