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Water Reservoir, MEP and Instrumentation: Mushrif SNW/397/2007

Sub Contractor: Al Hijaz Mechanical Equipment CO. L.L.C.
Client: Dubai Electricity&..Water  Authority   (DEWA)
Consultant: NJS Consultants Ltd.
Main  Contractor:

Mammut Bo'egl

Project Period: Dec 2007-April 2009
Scope: Pipework, Electromechanical  Work  (E&..M) &.. Instrumentation for three Mushrif Reservoirs Phases 4, s 8.. 6

Mushrif Reservoirs &.pipework

The project at Mushrif includes the construction of three (3) reinforced concrete reservoirs each of 60 MG capacity, totaling i8o MG, with interconnection of pipelines to the existing pipelines&.. associated works e.g. civil,power etc. Al Hijaz Mechanical Equipment has completed work on the pipework, electromechanical work&.. instrumentation for the reservoirs.

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